To the memory of this young, beautiful and subtle woman in this sexy year, year 1969. Between acid colors, recently too short’s skirts and fluorescent cock- tails, she dreams about her future. A man puts his boot on the moon, from now on it’s the space that she imagines. Time goes by and the dream fades. Today, grandma is still hung on this thread which connects her with the Milky Way. And her former days’ future becomes reality: grandma and her embroidery’s companions begin their first space’s cruise.

In the bend of a comet, the meeting with aliens will be the highlight of all her desires. Her pearl’s necklace collides with the particles of space’s twinkling stars. In this new brilliant, colored and metallic universe, grandma gives way to her affectionate green. The assessment of this story : a colors, pearly, kitsch and elegant forms’ overdose.

Photographe : Stanislas Alleaume Graphiste : Maxime Cousseran MUA : Nunzio Carbone Mannequin : Mégane Lemiel